• Iraqi News, by Loaa Adel

PKK steps up pressure on Yezidi Peshmerga families

Members of the Kurdistan Workers Party. (c) Iraqi News

(BasNews) Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has stepped up pressure on the Yezidi families whose members are working for Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), said a local official.

Head of Sinjar Mayoral Council, Wais Naif, told BasNews on Sunday the Yezidi families who are not affiliated to the PKK are being placed under pressure by the party as it hopes for expelling them out of their homes.

He explained that any Yezidi families whose members are fighting alongside Kurdish Peshmerga forces are also subjected to the pressure.

According to Naif, PKK is attempting to annex Khansor region to the Syrian Kurdistan where it has greater influence on the ruling Democratic Union Party (PYD).

(c) Iraqi News 2017

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